Cranky George – ‘Misery Road’ single from ‘Fat Lot of Good Album’

Pleasingly lo-fi and full of charm, this is the video for new single ‘Misery Road’ from folk-rock five piece Cranky George. Taken from their new album ‘Fat Lot of Good’, this rides an easy mid-tempo throughout, and takes highlights from a couple of smart time signature changes.

Based in LA, Cranky George’s signature sound arguably comes from the deep vocal of lead singer Dermot Mulroney, all set to a lilting roots background. And if you’re wondering where you’ve seen his face before, Mulroney is perhaps better known as an actor than musician, having appeared in movies like ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’.

The album is available now from the band’s website.

Ellie Jane releases pop single, EP and video for ‘Clocks’

An acoustic singer-songwriter with a flair for soulful lyrics in spite of her young age, Ellie Jane wowed audiences earlier this year on the way to competing in the final of the nationally acclaimed Open Mic UK competition.  Looking to build on that momentum, Jane has now released her brand new six song EP ‘Clocks’ on iTunes.

The EP has been released alongside the video and single for the title track (above), which is a great showcase for her light, acoustic touch which builds to something more layered over the playing time. However, Ellie Jane is more than just a one trick pony – if you want to hear the full range of genres and styles she uses, you should definitely check out the EP.

EP out now – ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’ – Calming River

It seems to have been a while since Glen Hansard, Damien Rice and Jose Gonzalez have released a notable record, and of course Elliot Smith is dearly departed. However, dark acoustic folk fans shouldn’t despair. New artist Calming River is proving to be a more than adequate fit for this gap in the market, and he proves it with new EP ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’.

The lead single ‘Solemn Witness’ can be heard above and is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of quality. To hear the rest (and why wouldn’t you?), head over to

Flaming June EP – ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ – released Dec 1st 2015

For fans of folk music, the last 7 or 8 years have either been a blessing or a curse. The huge explosion of bands such as Mumford and Sons and Avicii have on the one hand popularised the genre beyond all recognition, but by splicing in pop genre tropes they have also diluted the raw rootsy sound long time fans might be used to.

Flaming June is a songwriter who sets a great example of walking that balance. Her melodies are undoubtedly memorable, and her structures are based on pop music. However, the sound is pure acoustic folk, and the lyrics draw on the tale telling traditions of the genre.

For a great example see ‘Freedom’s Fairytale for Girls’ above, a track taken from new EP in ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. It’s out now and can be found at

Single: Natalie Indya West & Sunny Andrea – ‘Goddess’

As long time readers of these pages will know, we’re huge fans of roots music. In many cases those roots are planted firmly in the UK and international folk and country scene, but occasionally we’re drawn to roots of a different kind.

‘Goddess’ is a single out now from songwriter Natalie Indya West and vocalist Sunny Andrea. Primarily a pop track, the single is notable for drawing on the traditions of Indian music.

This Bollywood infusion makes for a refreshing take on the pop genre, and while it may not be taken from the traditions of old English music, you can’t help but respect the traditions it is drawn from on another continent. A single worth of your time and attention.

Pete Townshend teams with Des Horsfall (Kuschty Rye) for stunning single ‘Chameleon’

If ever there was a single made for lovers of folk music, then new track ‘Chameleon’ might just be it. Written by Katy Lane – ex-wife and muse of Ronnie Lane (The Small Faces/The Faces) – and performed by Des Horsfall’s Kuschty Rye and The Who’s Pete Townshend, the single is out on Friday.

It comes from a new Kuschty Rye album (in three volumes no less) which celebrates the life and work of Ronnie Lane. Clearly something of a passion project for Des Horsfall, the collaboration with Townshend came about because the legendary Who guitarist heard about the triple album and wanted to be involved.

The result is the delicate, beautiful single above.

Baron Goodlove, ‘Orpheus’ – debut single/free download

Delightfully dark but with a rootsy charm, the lyric video above is a fantastic introduction to a new UK songwriter by the name of Baron Goodlove. With the help of his band The Dreadful Noise, this debut single is a forboding joy, if that’s not to much of a contradiction in terms.

‘Orpheus’ is not only a debut single and free download, it is also the first look we get at an upcoming EP from the young song writer, whose influences include a promising who’s who of songwriting legends.

And, with several gigs supporting the unerringly popular George Ezra already on his CV, Baron Goodlove and the Dreadful Noise will surely be building a devoted following of their own.

Chords of Truth new single ‘Moon Time’

Chords of Truth is an acoustic multi-genre folk group fronted by Jason Garriotte. His original acoustic EP ‘Reflections of Reality‘ features 7 inspiration folk songs. He collaborated with 14 producers to create 57 electronic remixes spanning various genres such as Dubstep, House, Trance, Electrofolk, Progressive, Folktronica, Hip Hop and more!

The latest release is entitled ‘Moon Time’. He received inspiration for this title track and album when he was awoken in the middle of the night with the phrase “Moon Time” in his head. This came after watching a documentary on electronic music gatherings combined with knowing how important the moon is to our life on Earth. ‘Moon Time’ is set to be officially released on May 5th, however its already available on Soundcloud to check out now. The track features folky acoustic strumming combined with vocals and harmonies that remind me of classic artists such as Cat Stevens and John Denver. ‘Moon Time’ is extremely catchy and delivers a great message. Be sure to grab the single when it’s released in May from!

Narrow Plains’ new single ‘So Rewind’ is Out Now

‘So Rewind’ is perhaps the sharpest new folk track to have come along in some time, coming courtesy of new alt-folk trio Narrow Plains. Based in London (and likely benefitting from a strong folk scene in the city), these are three very talented musicians and this single bears that statement up.

The production is pristine, the pace and energy are high, and the chorus/refrain is as catchy as they come. With Ben Howard and Mumford and Sons not doing much in the way of new releases early this year, Narrow Plains could be the band to bridge that gap. It’s very easy to imagine this single starting to build some real momentum for them, and they’d deserve it to – even if it’s a matter of finding more ‘cult’ success, like perhaps their most similar artist Newton Faulkner.

Check out Narrow Plains online if you’re as taken as we are by the track above:

Mollie Marriott – a new generation of British talent

It must be tough trying to make your way in a business in which your father is already iconic. Such is the challenge for Mollie Marriott, daughter of Small Faces frontman Steve. Back in the day, Steve Marriott was one of the voices of his generation – how do you step out from that shadow?

The answer, in the case of Mollie Marriott is to (a) have a whole lot of talent, and (b) put in the hard graft.

The talent can be seen in the video above for new single ‘Transformer’. The hard graft all went in over the last decade or so. Honing her skills as a backing vocalist for some of Britain’s A-List stars, Mollie Marriott has learned her trade from the ground up, and has finally made the decision to take her own steps into becoming a solo artist. With a few more tracks like ‘Transformer’ (out now), the chances of that look very good indeed.