Nine Beats Collective reveal title track to new album ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’

The title track from a new album by The Nine Beats Collective, this is ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’ as performed by Mikael R Andreasen.

The album as a whole is a collection of tracks from artists all around the world, all working to shed light on those who are perhaps less fortunate than ourselves. It is released on June 19th from all the usual places, and comes highly recommended.

For a further idea of what to expect, check out the second and third singles below:


‘Spiritual Haven’ – new album from Russell Suereth

The producer of a series of short videos about spiritual places around the world, Russell Suereth is a composer who draws strongly from the roots of the spiritual.  His new album, ‘Spiritual Haven’, is presented in a longer form than his videos, but is no less effective for the lack of visual imagery.

The album, on the flip side, is a languid, blend of ancient instrumentation with contemporary technologies and production, built to take the listener on a journey. The track above, ‘Realization’, is a telling introduction to the feel of the piece.

In spite of the modern recording methods and synths, there’s certainly something earthy to be found here in the layering of older instruments. The lack of lyrics also lends itself to the cause – with no words to distract listeners from their own interpretation of what they’re hearing.

If you enjoy the video above, you can find more at