Joe Rhinewine blends blues and prog rock for new EP ‘Songs from NowHere’

Never has the title of this very blog been more fitting than with song writer Jo Rhinewine, because his roots infused new track is certainly a little less ordinary than the norm. Rambling and free form, the lyrics were reportedly improvised once the blues feel had been established, leading to some unusual but undoubtedly ear-catching results.

It’s an approach typical of Rhinewine, whose approach is a long way from the usual genre boundaries you might expect. His new EP ‘Songs from NowHere’ is available now on Amazon, and given an even greater insight into the wide creative streak from which he draws his ideas. With a total of five tracks to enjoy, it’s worth an investment just to investigate this intriguing new artist.

New folk music alert! Folkstock Records set for ‘Downtown’ compilation release

Available from tomorrow on their website, Folkstock Records are releasing their brand new folk compilation album ‘Downtown’. Putting together a ten song collection from eight different artists, the album pulls together new music from some of their most promising finds of the last year or so.

The album is being released in celebration of those eight artists, who will all be playing a part in this year’s London Folk and Roots Festival with the help of the Folkstock label.

Both ‘Emerging Artist’ events will be held on successive Tuesdays at The Islington venue in London, and should be in the diary of any London based folk fan. November 4th sees Folkstock host an alternative country evening, with Fred’s House, Marina Florance, Kaity Rae and Ben Smith. One week later, they will be celebrating talented female songwriters with Kelly Oliver, Minnie Birch, Daria Kulesh and Zoe Wren on November 11th.

If you can’t wait that long, then you can get the album from tomorrow from £7. However, if you can make it along to the gigs, you will be able to pick up a copy for free. Not a bad reward for simply supporting independent folk.

Tickets: November 4th / November 11th

More info on claiming your free album: Click here

Buy the album: Click here

Kelly Moneymaker – ‘Stone’ album out now

Some of the finest offshoots of roots music – gospel, country, rock and roll, and particularly soul – stand front and center of this great new album from vocalist Kelly Moneymaker.

Out now, ‘Stone’ finds Moneymaker on really fine form, growling out her powerful vocal over a range of genres, all given a consistency by the clean production and that unique voice.

On top of those solid foundations, Moneymaker sparkles throughout – 13 tracks of varying styles, all adding up to a very solid and consistent release.

Baron Goodlove, ‘Orpheus’ – debut single/free download

Delightfully dark but with a rootsy charm, the lyric video above is a fantastic introduction to a new UK songwriter by the name of Baron Goodlove. With the help of his band The Dreadful Noise, this debut single is a forboding joy, if that’s not to much of a contradiction in terms.

‘Orpheus’ is not only a debut single and free download, it is also the first look we get at an upcoming EP from the young song writer, whose influences include a promising who’s who of songwriting legends.

And, with several gigs supporting the unerringly popular George Ezra already on his CV, Baron Goodlove and the Dreadful Noise will surely be building a devoted following of their own.