Chords of Truth new single ‘Moon Time’

Chords of Truth is an acoustic multi-genre folk group fronted by Jason Garriotte. His original acoustic EP ‘Reflections of Reality‘ features 7 inspiration folk songs. He collaborated with 14 producers to create 57 electronic remixes spanning various genres such as Dubstep, House, Trance, Electrofolk, Progressive, Folktronica, Hip Hop and more!

The latest release is entitled ‘Moon Time’. He received inspiration for this title track and album when he was awoken in the middle of the night with the phrase “Moon Time” in his head. This came after watching a documentary on electronic music gatherings combined with knowing how important the moon is to our life on Earth. ‘Moon Time’ is set to be officially released on May 5th, however its already available on Soundcloud to check out now. The track features folky acoustic strumming combined with vocals and harmonies that remind me of classic artists such as Cat Stevens and John Denver. ‘Moon Time’ is extremely catchy and delivers a great message. Be sure to grab the single when it’s released in May from!

Chris Hornsby – new EP out May 22nd, ‘Human, Too Human’

What's that over there?

What’s that over there?

Lilting between the upbeat, layered vocals of Without You and the sweet languidity of tracks like You Could Call it Love (and You Wouldn’t Be Wrong), the new EP from Chris Hornsby truly marks him out as a folk songwriter to watch.

From his pictures you might expect an identikit earnest folkie, many of which seem to be doing the rounds at the moment. But the sincerity of Chris Hornsby is winning and helps new EP ‘Human, Too Human’ stand out from the crowd.

All five songs are a strong reflection of the songwriting nouse Hornsby clearly has, but a personal favourite has to be In The Woods. This song perfectly encapsulates what makes Chris Hornsby’s music different. Placing you in a time, a place and an emotion, the emotive lyrics are backed by excellent musicianship. Low key but with impact, it’s banjo flecks and layered ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ perfectly underpin the smooth lead vocal. Seek this EP out on May 22nd, if only for this one track (though the rest is very good as well).

‘It Is What It Is’ – the new album from Songs for Mr Sloane

Out now, the new album from Songs For Mr Sloane is called ‘It Is What It Is’ and it’s a real songwriter’s LP. Not strictly folk or roots, though there are plenty of elements in the lyrics and storytelling, this is instead an album of mixed genres, something of an exercise in eclecticism.

The creation of a group of musicians from different background, you get the feeling that this is music as the band want it to sound. A host of ideas tossed in the juicer to see what comes out, it makes for an intriguing listen – compelling at times, less so at others.

By its very nature the songs ebb and flow as the genres and style change, and it’s hard to imagine one single listener likeing the whole thing. Some of the songs are so different, tied together only by the gruff, no nonsense vocal, that any perceived strengths and weaknesses will be entirely subjective. It will depend on the taste of the listener which bits they think are strongest.

One thing’s for sure though – all the musicianship, production and structural integrity of the songs is on point, and you can’t disagree with those qualities, even if one or two individual styles leave you cold.